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1. Blackboard ruler 1m long, made of wood

French curve


30cm x 10cm constructed from plastic - for drawing parabola

3. Graph board 100cm x 100cm with rollers map type

Models of different solids in set


a) Cubes -made of plastics - 10cm x 10cm x 10cm

b) Cylinder made of plastics radius 5mm height 150mm

c) Pyramids - made of plastics 80 x 80mm triangular base height, 150mm


Wooden blackboard compasses construct of fist quality wood 


Size: leg length 40cm, Diameter 30cm-chal compass


Wodden blackboard compasses construct of first quality wood 


Size:- leg length 40cm, Diameter 30cm - chalk compass

7. Templets - blackboard size for drawing sine, cosine, tangent (in set)
8. Mathematical instruments (in a set)
9. Templet of exponential function Y = 2 X or Y=10 X Size 46cm x 10cm
10. Templet of logarthmic function Y= log2 X or Y=log 10X
11. Pack of playing cards
12. Dice constructed of wood with clack dots (1-6)
13. marbles Same size of 4 different colors
14. Models of sphere
15. Numberical Tables chart
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