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Physics Equipments


Newton meters(Dynamometers) in metal case with Zero adjustment handle and hook spring balance with graduation in Newton & Grams permanent heat treated spring Hook for hanging weight etc.


a. 0-1N × 0.01N

b. 0-10N × 0.1N

c. 0-20N × 1N

d. 0-5N × 1N


Pulleys, aluminum, 51mm  with bracket /hook aluminium pulley and frame with hook on top and bottom


a. Tripple sheave, with hooks aluminium pulley and frame with hook on top and bottom

b. Three in line with, hooks aluminium pulley and frame with hook on top and bottom

c. Single, on clamp for table aluinium pulley and frame with table clamp tighting screw in special frame


Inclined plane, simple, hinged hard wood with aluminum pulley or plastic pulley with thick wood & sunmica top with roller & pan plank 100mm wide 60cm long with metalic sheet die pressed arch with scale 0-45 degree x 1' and in cms with stainless steel pan with thread roller with wire attaching thread pulley free smooth moving with instructions manual

4. Dynamic trolleys, hardwood, 300 mm reinforced ends, ball bearing wheels, quick release mechanism, stackable push pin on front top with small cork buffer on front with 3 pins on top to stack
5. Timing gates, to be activated by trolleys complete with two arms & photo sensors for digital timer
6. Trolley runway, 250 × 20 × 2cm. Warp Resistant hard wood with reinforced sides with aluinium metal strip for use on table ground etc for trolley and other experiments sunmica top
7. Ticker tape timer, operates from 6-12V ac supply complete with 220v built in step down transformer for 6 - 12 v out put with vibrating ticker tape dot, carbon holder and tape holder stand To provide dots on tape at 1/50 or 1/60 second intervals, equal to the frequency of the mains supply. Operates on12 V a.c. It has an electromagnet & a spring loaded armature which vibrates above a support table. Paper tape, drawn through guides on the table is struck by a dotting screw, carried on the armature. full use of carbon paper disc. Fitted on base.
( not Part of Kit ) A pulley and weight on the table allow pullying tape with time to record by digital stop watch )
8. Ticker tape 9.5mm plain adhesive backed, in 300m reels, pack of 5
9. Carbon paper discs, 100m pack of 5 soft pencil carbon blue colour to record easly the dotts on paper roll by ticker timer

Linear air track triangular section aluminum, 2m long to be supplied with side feet & aluminum riders model A Square Tube is provided with Holes along top both trianglart side to fit to two side feets metalic pained with leveling screws .


The Tube is having nosel for air blower and other end is closed for not allowing air to pass out Only air from blower comes out through holes on both sides to top thus Aluminium 2 inch riders float on air frictionless Complete fitting and working instruments

11. Air blower for air track , general purpose but suitable for air track 220-240 Vac with adaptor for air track
12. Free fall apparatus to determine acceleration due to gravity having electric unit 220 V operated with 1 meter long steel rod with heavy base with levelling screw and free fall set up for holding steel ball & on off switch with stand A special time gate is also provided
when ball sratrs faliing time is recorded and then the ball passes to bottom gate gives contact signel to timer to complete recording time of different in start
and stop of ball

Inertia balance (win-wag) to explain the meaning of inertia mass with three removable masses It is a class room demonstration kit for qualitative investigation of nature of mass and making students understand distinction between mass and weight.


Kit comprises two metal trays 130 x 50 mm held 200 mm apart approximately on spring steel strips attached to the sides. Or tray has holes to take three equal mass cylinders approximate The other tray acts as anchor and may be clamped to the bench either horizontally or vertically. Three support pins are supplied to fit radial holes in cylinders.

14. Variable inertia bar to demonstrate the variation in torque as inertia is varied. To fit standard 13mm retort stand It has steel Nickelled central pin with slit for fitting to hand driven centrifuge with A steel bar is mounted at its centre on a sleeved spindle. with corks weight to fit bar
15. Fractional HP motor mounted & fitted with a triple pulley, shunt wound motor operating from 12V dc supply (50m,3000rpm) The motor with copper winding
mounted in box with 2 banana plug accepting terminals 4mm or to accept wire the motor is fitted on base with box and provded with tripple pulley to study speed and pully size effect
16. Centripetal force apparatus simple version for student use with appropriate turn table which is hand operated for study velocity on the centripetal force of a rotating body.
The experiment uses bar circles and balls move to end due to
17. Large gyroscope mounted on heavy base with balancing beam & weight & gyroscope with thread .To demonstrate precession of a spinning body. The Gyroscope unit contains one rotating thick metallic wheel having diameter 55mm with in a ring and this ring and both are mounted on semicircle ring having diameter 90mm. The semicircle ring is clamped on a steel rod with round base having diameter 110mm.
The circular frame of this device features an accurately centered wheel and an adjustable counterpoise, making it perfect for showing centripetal and centrifugal force. It is mounted on a stable metal base with a durable finish
18. springs, steel 30cm, 6mm, diameters stretching 15cm, with 250g/pack of3/
19. Springs, steel 8cm 8mm diameter, stretching 18 cm with 250g /pack of 3/
20. Low friction platform, robust construction, for use on floor on standard laboratory stool heavy wooden board 60 cm long with 75 mm broad plank A plane Board 600 x 75 mm one end provided with a pulley a friction slider with hook is supplied complete stainless stell pan thread and masses
21. Oil film apparature with trays leveling device, grati oils and materials with perpex traypetri dish & oil square & round part wire & handle for creating film. Oil film Can be made by oil bottle and wire set.
22. Capillarity apparatus, simplified version with size tubes of varying bores having chamber for eater /oil and having 3 corks with 3 capillaries with metallic holder.
23. Boyles law apparatus (not using mercury) oil filled glass tube with bordon guage 0-400 KN/m2 pressure complete apparatus on base with oil chamber, oil 100ml and glass tube on base with rubber tube to works and stopcock for filling air by pump to measure pressure Specification This apparatus is designed for class to demonstrat. Comprising of an upright wooden column and metal reservoir with bourdon gauge with stop cock and punp attaching tube and valve. mounted on a heavy base. A wide bore vertical glass tube and graduated scale is mounted on wooden back Supplied with 1 x 250ml oil, funnel
24. Foot pump and adapter for boylers law apparatus

Kinetic theory model


a. plastic and wooden tube with thermocole balls & cap to be used with bult in small motor cell operated & wooden stand This model is used to demonstrate various aspects of kinetic theory of gases.
It consists of a clear perspex tube provided with a freely sliding expanded polystyrene piston and a loose fitting cap. The tube is mounted on a wooden box containing an agitator piston driven by a motor.
( asked in next item )
Supplied complete with a pack of thermocole balls and Instructions manual


b. Electric motor for kinetic model

26. Expansion apparatus, simple version to permit comparisons for common metals with steam tube linear expansion apparatus vernier on one side with terminals to check the continuity by galvanometer(optional) Horizontal type Micrometer screw form. Two cast end pieces joined by two metal rods having support for brass tube nickel plated 50 cm long, 2.5cm dia. With riffled inlet and outlet for connection to a steam supply and tubulure for thermometer. One end-piece fitted with sphereometer reading to 0.01 mm and other with contact screw.
The end pieces are provided with terminals for connecting bell or galvanometer for indicating exact point of contact of the screw. Supplied with three metal rods one each of copper, brass/ Aluminium and iron. and Instructions manual
27. Thermostat, bimetallic strip, brass iron with handle about 20cm long
28. Thermostat, bimetallic, for operation on gas supply and burner with handle complete 1x10 inch (25cm)
29. Charles law appaartaus, simplified version for student use, supplied with suitable beaker and stirrer with special u tube ,with bulb and open side with rubber tube and pinch clip and instructions manual

Callorimeters, best quality 


a. Metal copper 75 Î59mm diameter made from one piece sheet die pressed with rim


b. Aluminium 100 Î65mm diameter made from one piece sheet die pressed with rim


c. Tin, soldered 100Î 90mm diameter made from tin galvanized Iron sheet bent tin soldered with rim

31. Steam generator 1.5 liter with water guage made from
Copper sheet Cylindrical 280 x 115 mm (overall Ht x dia), cap 1.5 litre, neck 23mm (I.D.) with riffled side tube 9.5 mm max o.d. and with water gauge. and Instructions manual

Metal rivettes for specific heats


a. Of Aluminum


b. Of Copper


c. Of  Brass

33. Calorimeter blocks, drilled to accept thermometer and immersion heater, aluminum alloy 75×75mm diameter, Nickle plated.Usable for eximents
on specific heat capacity of metals 75x75mm solid Cylindrical blocks outside sand blasted to stay as it is for long time rustfree with 12.5mm central hole to accept immersion heater to almost bottom say 50mm inside and hole for thermometer allmost to center of the block. and Instructions manual
34. Immersion heater, 12V 50w to fit calino meter block /item 33 Immersion heater is with heating wire to top to give even heating all along filled with insutaed beeds and appoxy with teflon heat resistant wires ourside metal tube Nickle plated and brass clips for making connections
35. Container light Aluminum weight with handles, capacity about 20.5 liter
36. Glass syringe assembly for volume chages on boiling, 100cm3 plus all accessories Syring small volume with stopper hangs in Beaker 100ml Borosilicate glass Suitable for boiling water complete wooden syring holder thermometer alcohal 110'c and glass syringe

Energy conversion units model


Energy units This unit demonstrate the chemical energy  conversion to electric and then light energy three different energy forms.


a. Spring unit model study of Mechenical to Kinetic  energy It comprises a steel shaft which carries a spring string  when device is winded and left it goes back to original position


b. Steam engine unit model heat makes steam is convered to power This functioning steam engine can be a dramatic introduction for your energy conversion unit. Every step of the operating process can be seen with this visible working model - lighting the match, burning dry fuel, converting water to steam and steam to mechanical power. With built-in safety valve, fuel pellets and instructions


c. Hand driven Ac/Dc generator motor This unique hand generator is an easy yet effective way to teach how AC and DC electricity is produced. Switch to change from AC to DC electricity. The unit has a clear base for easy demonstration of connections

38. Kit Containing all accessories required for student investigation of lenses and simple optical instruments with light box 220v operated bulb and slits & others.
39. Cylindrical convex mirrors, Stainless steel, 75×150mm diameter

Perspex optical Accessories


a. Perspex blocks 19mm thick rectangular, 114×73 mm


b. Triangular (60 degrees), 76×76×76mm


c. Triangular (30,60,90 degrees)


d. Circular 98mm


e. Biconvex 140×178mm


f. Biconcave 140×98mm 


g. Biconvex 140×98mm

41. Prism extra dense hollow glass optically worked equilateral 50×50mm side depth 35mm In special safe box prism central part and plated to view on spectrometer etc.
42. Rectangular transparent tank size 600×200× 90mm (L×h×w) perspex for waves
43. Color filters, mounted in frame 50x50 mm gelatin squares, 50mm, 10 colors(set) Colour filters have colour card board suitable for may uses like projector,ray box and other general colour use or study single or multi filter in combination.
44. Polysyrened beads, for light and low friction experiments 12,18 & 25 mm in set.They are perfect round and smooth optical surface can act like lens for light experiments and in round can act like friction in set of three
45. Visual acuity cards, to determine acuity 50 mm cards and color differentiation 17 color cards in set

Spotlight bulbs, MES cap, Medium Edison Screw(MES) bulbs for


a. 1.5v 0.2 amp in packs of 10


b. 2.5v 0.2 amp in packs of 10


c. 4.5v 0.3 amp in packs of 10


Lamps, low voltage SBC can also be referred to as SBC standing for small bayonet cap.


a. 6v 5W


b. 12V 5W


Lamps, festoon type 


a. 6V, 3W (7mm length)

b. 12V, 6W (11mm length)

49. Sodium flame pencils complete with mini pump built in metal box (220v)operated system The Sodium Flame Pencil is useful for study of sodium metal fire It has Box and tube and sodium flame pencil and output for air to control flame for connection for LPG cylinder with control to regulate flame
for burning sodium metal etc

Ripple tank kit


a. tank 580×500×80mm, with ripple assembly obstacles and reflectors & all parts & accessories

* with ripple assembly obstacles 

* reflectors, metallic water waves    

* obstacles, with iron frame & glass base   

* lamp 40W and stand for light 220V 

* ripples can be projected on the white     paper below frame, 

*  the tank has four legs for
*  stand for motor for producing ripple   

* ripple creating motor, speed regulator,   

* 2 cells holder (1.5V) AA size box  

* for motor with wire 


b. 4-6 motor to 1.5v operated for ripple tank with motor holder pich clips & threads

51. Wave form helix (slinky), 78mm diameter, Length 115mm to 5m extended.For demonstration of wave motion,helical coil of flat section tempered steel, coil dia 78 mm closed length 115 cms extends to 5meters
52. Plastic wave length 80mm on Perspex strip 1.5m long For demonstration of wave motion, PLASTIC WAVES coil
of flat Perspex comes back to original position and bounces up and down and from one side to other with small jurks
53. Tuning forks, blues steel, plain shark set of eight from 256 to 512 HZ/set/
54. Sonometer Plano wires for (Simple version with 2 wires 75 cm long, 2 bridge.) option-1 A wooden resonance box 75cm high. At one end of the base are attached 2 wires for 2 bridges and third string with hooks hand freely with pulley to hang weight complete with scale for measuring distance between two bridge you get on resonance
55. Bar magnets, Alnico, pair in Box 50 x 16 x 10mm

Ring magnets, ceramic radically magnetized 

a. ‘N out’ Ring Magnets

b. Radically Magnetized s out

c. Axially magnetized, small

d. Axially magnetized large

57. Horse shoe magnet,simple 250mm These horseshoe magnets have many uses in the lab. With keeper. Color coded with blue and red halves. The 250mm mm. long
One side red, the other blue. spray painted, with keepers
58. Magnetic needles; carbon steel, agate bearing Specially made highly magnetized with accurate brass center with low friction One side Red and other Black
59. Stand, for magnetic needles with pin non magnetic pillar,stable base,steel carbon painted/aluinium polished. Base with non magnetic pillar supporting a steel needle pivot without needle.
60. Soft iron rod, 150 x 10mm Useful for cores of electromagnets as soft iron loses it’s magnetism when the current in the coil is switched off, whereas steel retains some magnetism after the current is switched off
61. Steel rod, unmagnetized 150x 10mm
62. Mumetal rod, 300 0.7mm write type
63. Steel wires (knitting needles) 230mm in pack of 12 steel needle 230mm long Nickele plated with both ends sharped to act as pointer to guide magnetic compass follow it
64. Dip needles cobalt steel on rotatable graduated marked in quadrant with base. A magnetic needle 4" long is supported on a horizontal axis between adjustable cone bearings and is accurately balanced.
The supporting shaft holds a 180 degree arc graduated in degrees and is attached to a non magnetic base.
65. Van De Graff generator, for producing high voltage electricity for a wide array of electrostatic experiments with complete & full accessories Technical Details
* with accessories complete
* aluminium dome 18cm dia
* pillar with base
* rubber belt
* special brushes for producing charge
* with special base
* with earth terminal
*with terminals for charge
Common Accessories
k Charge transfer ball with holder
l Thermocole dancing balls in box
m discharge scissor
n fountain brush for charge
o pith balls pair with stand
p Whirl wheel
Q Neon Tester
R Spare Belt
T Comb
66. Kinetic motion simulator Complete with perspex tube and thermocole with motor on base 6/12v operated complete with motor on base This model is used to demonstrate various aspects of kinetic theory of gases.
It consists of a clear perspex tube provided with a freely sliding expanded polystyrene piston and a loose fitting cap.
The tube is mounted on a box containing an agitator piston
driven by a motor. Supplied complete with a pack of thermocole balls with instructions manual.
67. Electric fields apparatus, with Perspex base with feet & two wires angled for replacing rings for different experiments complete with Petri dish Our Apparatus is designed to show lines of electric field produced by a large electrostatic charge, such as the one generated by a Van de Graaf Generator or Wimshurst Machine. Great for classroom use because it can be placed on an overhead projector for viewing by an entire class.
(1) electric field apparatus
(plastic petri dish on acrylic base
with feet and terminal pillars),
(2) point charges,
(2) charged plates
(1) packet of iron filings,
(1) bottle of castor oil,
with Instructions manual
68. Electrostatic kit Metallised balls, 1 real nylon strip, 1 polythene strip, 1 proof plane, 1 electrophorus plate, 1 polishing cloth.

Water circuit board 

a.To show by analogy the  principles of electrical flow with internal water in the tubes all fitted on  base to be used with electric water pump.All the Tubes are fitted on base with different passages and pinch clips to stop path  Also provided with funnel to drop water and see that it is moving
Given with metallic tank at base  to be used with electric water pump  and wooden feet to stand properlywith  Instructions manual


b.Pump for (water circuit board) operating on220VAC For safty of students we recomend to allow12v operated motor which is safer to avoide any mishap
2 Design and moter style can change to suit instrument 


Electrical components and full & complete accessories as item on LSS list


and full & complete accessories as item on LSS list below accessories as item  already supplied
complete electronic
circuit board, 
different resistances,
cell holder,
screw driver,
crocodile clips,
10 bulbs,
bulb holders,   
buzzer etc
with  Instructions manual  25 experiment booklet,

71. Battery, lead acid 12V 35-40 Ah with tapping to give 0-12 in 2V steps
72. Magnet parts kit ,5 ceremic magnets, 5 steel yokes. 5 cores, 5 neon (set) All the parts will be there to built a motor using magnet parts with one base and on reset of side guilds
73. Low voltage power unit, supplying in DC and –IV 2 AC. Current Approximately 0.8 in box OPTION-1 Plastic box with input 220v operated output Ac and Dc -1 AC 2v fixed with fuse.
74. Demountable transformer laminated core and pole pieces with two coils adapting space & screw top strips. All on base dissetable to open and change coils from top two fly screws input 6v to get 12v or input 12v to get 6v other coils of different rating cal also be used
75. Coils for demamtable transformer with 300 turns to use in input or output
76. Coils With 600 turns to use in input or output
77. Coils with 1200 turns to use in input or output
78. coils with 3600 turns to use in input or output
79. Electric bell buzzer, minature type4-6v ac/dc
80. Bell push, bakelite base with button for lab or circuit use choose any one base type or closed type.

Resistance coils, non inductively wound, unknown values Round backalite case with brass terminals.

a. Low (2 ohm)

b. Medium 50(ohm)

c. High (500 ohm)

82. Rheostat, sliding contact, single tube 11 ohm 5A bakelite feet with Aluminum rod sliding with terminals for connection. Comprising a layer of resistance wire wound on an insulating, heat resistant tube (porcelain) Diameter 43 mm. tube which is supported by backelite feet Phosphor bronze contact provided on aluminium rod slider-rod to give rapid and smooth adjustment. A sliding contact & three 4mm socket terminals are provided, one terminal being connected to the sliding contact & the other two to the ends of the winding, enabling the unit to be used as a Rheostat or potentiometer
83. Rheostat, 330 ohms, 1 Amp, bakelite feet with aluminum rod sliding with terminals for connection.Comprising a layer of resistance wire wound on an insulating, heat resistant tube (porcelain) Diameter 43 mm. tube which is supported by backelite feet Phosphor bronze contact provided on aluminium rod slider-rod to give rapid and smooth adjustment. A sliding contact & three 4mm socket terminals are provided, one terminal being connected to the sliding contact & the other two to the ends of the winding, enabling the unit to be used as a Rheostat or potentiometer
84. Hand stroboscope on stand & rotating wheel.Made of steel die cut sheet with powder coated mounted on plastci base and stand . It can be moved by hand and it moves freely .Can be used by givng push by hand also For use whenever you need to optically slow down or stop an object in motion. Can also be used to measure the frequency of motion. Great for ripple tanks.
85. Timer, Centi seconds digital for time gate &Air track for time experiment , digital dual display & dual control to work with start button to be attached with time gates calibrated to 0.01/s Least Count 0.01 seconds mains operated with make break facilities Mains operated electronic timer reads 0 to 99.99 seconds. The display comprises of four 7 segment digits to read seconds and centiseconds. Two pairs of colour coded 4mm sockets with push buttons are controlled which enables record time. With re-set action. To be used with Timing gates, ( Item 5)for trolleys / Air Track using two arms and two photo sensors for digital timer and time taken to start first gate and then second gate total time
Material kit contents suggested as below with quantity & material.
a) 2-blocks of 5 cm x 4 cm 3cm hard wood
B) 2-blocks of 5 cm x 4 cm 3cm soft wood
c) 2-blocks of 5 cm x 4 cm 3cm Aluminium
f) 2-blocks of 2cm x 2cm 10cm perspex
g) 2-blocks of 2cm x 2cm 10 glass
h) 2-blocks of 2cm x 2cm 10cm Aluminium
I) 2-blocks of 2cm x 2cm 10cm soft wood
j) 2-blocks of 2cm x 2cm 10cm hard wood
k) 2-blocks of 2cm x 2cm 5cm iron
l) 2-blocks of 2cm x 2cm 5cm brass
m) 100-1cmx1cmx1cm hard wood
n) 10-1 cmx5cm hard wood
o) 10-1cm x1cmx 5cm hard wood
p) 10-5cmx5cmx1cm hard wood
Elastic material kit contents suggested
a) 5 steel springs (max load 5kg)
b) 1 reel of copper wore 32 SWG 50g
c) 1 reel of copper wire 26 SWG 50g
d) 1 value rubber tubing 50cm
e) 2 soft erasers
f) Micro balance kit conterns
g) 20 drinking straw
h) 4 wooden blocks (4x4x2cm)
I) 4 wooden strips (15x2x0.2cm)
j) 4 elastic bands(5cm)
k) 4 serving needlses(fine)
l) 4 metal screws (1.5cm)
m) 4 Aluminium supports(chanel)
n) 4 Liver kit
0) 2 contents
p) 2 wooden beams (30x5x0.3cm)
q) 2 fulcrum (wooden triangular 3x3x6cm)
r) 10 mass (2.5cm square app.10g generator unit with small motor and pully)
88. Generator unit with small motor & pully 20mm diameter capable of driving a motor operating 4-6 v.d.c. As a dynamo Made on base and two sockets for connections.
89. Smoke cell with lamp, terminals, chamber & box view under microscope. This is to demonstrate brownian motion.
A short cylindrical glass cell closed by cover glass is held vertically in a plastic box with sliding lid. Illumination is done by integral line filament lamp and cylindrical glass lens. Overall height 25 mm. approx. Fitted with 4mm socket terminals for connection to 12 V, 3W supply
90. Masses on hanger(9 slotted mass each 10g ) and one hangers made of steel nickel plated with 9 weights 10gm with slit to put in hanger with one hanger
91. Mass on hanger (9 slotted mass each 100g) one hangers also 100gm Made of steel Nickel Plated with 9 weights 100gm with slit to put in hanger with one hanger
92. Mass 1 kg with ring steel painted with ring on top calibrated 1kg
93. Single pulley wooden one & plastic one, (in set) Plastic pulley about 50mm with aluminium dia cut side sheets with plastic interleads
with hook on top and bottom
94. Double pulley wooden one & plastic one, (in set) Plastic pulley about 50mm with aluminium dia cut side sheets with plastic interleads
with hook on top and bottom
95. Single pulley with clamp metallic 25mm dia. Body aluminium cast powder coated with screw and cap to tight on table/board.
96. Magnets, cylindrical/pairs 50mm long with keepers
97. Magnet horse shoe (pieces) 50 mm long with keepers.
98. Circuit board for making Connections with holes Sheet 15x10cm excellent for circuit making with copper sheet laminated good for soldering.
99. Lamps for dry cell battery 1.5v-2.5v dc screw type.
100. Current Balance kit, complete wooden base with might magnet pairs, balancing weights straw & electric circuit wire with terminals to work with 1.5v dry cell. The apparatus has thick copper wire which hans between strong mighty magnets pairs on both sides fitted in place.
The wire is connected to perspex rod which acts as insulation and also like jewel and is bounded both sides by adjustable screws with strips .
The copper wire hans freely and is having balancing weight to position in center of magnet or alline center of scale . It is provided with scale to see change in position of wire by connecting to dry cellor to power supply with terminals provided . The change in current changes wire to move and thus can act as balance to study current balance
101. D.C. Ammeters dual range 0-1A, 0.5A MCDC ( moving coil DC) in desk stand with locking terminals scale 80mm better viewing stand with three locking terminals Range 0 to 1A and 0.5A It is widely used because it is very compact, economical and user friendly, with dial reading as above The portability, rugged construction, large clear scale & economically priced ideal for student’s experiment. Its sensitivity of 20uA/div. is particularly suitable for electronic experiments

Galvanometer 35-0-35mv, moving coil in desk stand with looking terminals. Scale 80mm better viewing with three locking terminals Range 35-0-35 mv It is widely used because it is very compact, economical and user friendly, with dial reading 35-0-35mc

The portability, rugged construction, large clear scale & economically priced galvanometer is ideal for student’s experiment.
Its sensitivity of 20uA/div. is particularly suitable for slide wire bridges, potentiometers & experiments on induced e.m.f. Galvanometer with different sensitivities

103. Meter rules, wooden vertical reading up and down mm division at marked every any from 0-100cm.
104. Stop clock, with start, stop rest and 60 seconds total dial with 30h spring in stove enameled case.
105. Compass, plotting Aluminum body both sides glass 20mm or one side glass 12mm any one. Magnetic needle mounted in a circular dish having printed scale at the inside of the bottom,fitted with glass on the top
106. Crocodile clips RED and Black both colour can be supplied 50-50 of order Nickelled plated dia pressed steel Spring-loaded, serrated jaws,
with screw to clamp end of lead held in tubular extension, both sides insulated with screw to hold wire
107. Perspex prism 60 degrees, 90 degrees triangular blocks, equilateral sides length of 76mm
108. Perspex prism 90 degreesx45 degrees, 45 degrees triangular block side length 108x76mm
109. Lenses plano concave + 7D, 25 mm
110. Lenses plano concave + 14D, 25mm
111. Lenses plano concave + 20D, 25mm
112. Lenses plano concave + 2.5D, 25mm
113. Hollow prisim 60 x 60 x 60 plate type for solution reflective index and other lab uses Optically true
114. Plane mirrors 15 x 5cm Optically true
115. Tunning fork set of eight C(256) D(288) E(320) F(341.3) G(384) A4(26.6) B(480) C(512) Blue Steel
116. Resonance Box wooden 7.5x5x10cm with one hole on top for tuning forks
117. Aneroid Barometer revolving scale reads from 940m to 1060 x 2 millbar and 27.5 to 31.5 x 01”
118. Thermometer, general purpose mercury in glass 10 degrees to 200.0cx1 degree C 300mm long with mercury filled bulb with yellow backed capillary for easy reading
with special roll free rubber cap for hanging and easy handeling supplied in plastci case

Thermometer max and min. wall mounting spirit mercury-20 to 55 x 18 and 10 to 30 x 2 degree F (Range accuracy - 30'c to + 50'Cx 1'c, -20'F to 140'F x 2 degree F)

Glass tube capillary securly fixed to base with clips on wooden painted base with hanging clip complete with indicating pointers inside tube and special magnet below scale for hodling pointer in place to avoide movement by earth to move up & down for reading

120. Copper wire enameled 24 SWG on reel of 250g
121. Copper wire plastic enameled covered 22SWG on reel of 250g
122. Nichrome wire bare 22SWG reel of125g
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